Wielding Data, Women Force a Reckoning Over Bias in the Economics Field

Longstanding complaints about the barriers women face in the economics profession are beginning to resonate within the male-dominated field.

The New Health Care: Don’t Nudge Me: The Limits of Behavioral Economics in Medicine

November 6, 2017 Aaron E. Carroll THE NEW HEALTH CARE Whenever I talk to physicians about outcomes that are worse than you’d expect, they are quick to point out that noncompliance — when a patient does not follow a course of treatment — is a major...

Richard Thaler Talks About Silly (but Serious) Things

The Nobel Prize winner talks about quirks, nudges and “fun money,” all staples of the field he helped create, behavioral economics.

This Is Not Arthur Laffer’s Famous Napkin

The Smithsonian says that it has the most famous napkin in economic history. The available evidence suggests that’s probably not true.

Economic Scene: Tax Cuts, Sold as Fuel for Growth, Widen Gap Between Rich and Poor

October 3, 2017 Eduardo Porter ECONOMIC SCENE It is a little unsettling that the intellectual underpinning of tax policy in the United States today was jotted down on a napkin at the Two Continents Restaurant in Washington in December 1974. That was when, legend has...