Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks North Carolina Gerrymandering Ruling

The decision makes it likely the 2018 elections will be held using districts favorable to Republicans, but it is not particularly telling as the court weighs partisan gerrymandering.

Supreme Court Skeptical of Lawyer’s Conduct in Death Penalty Case

Justices weighed the case of Robert McCoy, who told his lawyer he was innocent of a triple murder. His lawyer told the jury he was guilty in a bid to avoid the death penalty.

DACA Participants Can Again Apply for Renewal, Immigration Agency Says

The government complied with a judge’s order to resume accepting renewal requests from immigrants who were brought illegally to the United States as children.

Charges Against Bundys in Ranch Standoff Case Are Dismissed

A federal judge said that the government’s missteps in withholding evidence against the three Bundy family members were so grave that the indictment against them would be dismissed.

Judge Thomas P. Griesa, Who Ruled Against Westway, Dies at 87

He presided over two of the most ambitious development proposals in New York City history: a superhighway in Manhattan and revival of Times Square.