Can Software Predict Crime? Maybe So, but No Better Than a Human

A study published in Science Advances suggests that amateurs are about as accurate as the COMPAS software that many judges use to inform their decisions.

For One Baltimore School, Seven Gun Deaths Is Seven Too Many

The city is trying everything it can think of to reverse a soaring homicide rate. But its fundamental problems keep getting in the way.

We Have Fewer Crimes. Does That Mean We Need Fewer Police?

With crime rates at lows not seen in decades, but drug addiction and untreated mental illness looming as persistent problems, some say it may be time to rethink the size of police forces.

U.S. Had 23 Executions in 2017, Second-Lowest Number in a Quarter-Century

Executions, death sentences and public approval of capital punishment have been steadily declining, the Death Penalty Information Center said.