The Fed Delivered $80.2 Billion in Profits to the Treasury in 2017

Though last year’s contribution — made from revenue on its portfolio of bond holdings — declined from 2016, it was well above the average in years before the financial crisis.

Europe’s Central Bank, Lagging Its Counterparts, Faces Eventful 2018

With the central banks of the United States and Britain raising rates, the European Central Bank turns its attention to the year ahead and how fast it should roll back stimulus.

Bank of England Raises Rates for First Time in a Decade

The interest rate increase comes at a delicate time for the British economy, as the central bank tries to strike a balance between moderate growth and rising inflation.

Wealth Grew Broadly Over 3 Years, but Inequality Widened

Low-wage workers and other groups largely left out early in the recovery did better from 2013 to 2016, a study shows, but the richest gained the most.