Republican Tax Bill Heads to a Vote

The House begins debate on the tax bill and plans to vote Tuesday afternoon. The Senate could vote soon after, handing Republicans a major first legislative victory.

Republicans Have Tax Bill Victory in Sight as Democrats Try to Chip Away at Support

The bill’s expected passage along party lines had Democrats scrambling to pressure a late supporter, Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, to vote against the bill.

Key Takeaways From Doug Jones’s Alabama Victory

The defeat of Roy S. Moore, the Republican, in Alabama’s Senate election contains some worrying signs for the party as it heads into the 2018 midterms.

Watch Live: Senators Discuss Bipartisanship in Politics

Bob Corker, the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Mark Warner, the highest ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, assess the dissolution of compromise in politics at a TimesTalks event.

Senators Warner and Corker to Speak With The Times on Withering Bipartisanship

In an era where comity is fleeting and the art of the deal appears closed for business, some senators are lamenting the sunset of bipartisanship.

Trump Keeps Focus on Retiring Senators, Who Had ‘Zero Chance of Being Elected’

Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona told CNN that he could not “run the kind of race that I would be proud of and win in a Republican primary at this time.”