House Secretly Paid $115,000 to Settle Harassment Claims Over Four Years

The new cases bring to $199,000 the amount paid in sexual harassment claims since 2008. There is no public information about the claims, and names were not released.

John Conyers III Was Arrested in February, Accused of Stabbing His Girlfriend

John Conyers III, whose father endorsed him for a House seat election as the lawmaker resigned amid sexual harassment allegations, was arrested in February after his girlfriend suffered knife cuts during an argument.

Conyers Will Leave Congress in Wake of Harassment Claims

The country’s longest-serving congressman plans to announce his decision Tuesday, said his great-nephew, who plans to run for the seat.

As Harassment Accusations Multiply, a Question: Who Stays and Who Goes?

Some lawmakers charged with sexual harassment face intense pressure to resign. Others find more tolerance. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the responses.