Alabama Senate Race Aggravates Deep Divide in Republican Party

The divisions that have split Republican leadership from its grass roots have sunk to a new level because of the Alabama Senate candidate.

Trump Is on Pace to Reshape the Judiciary. Here’s How.

Republican lawyers and lawmakers are working together to install conservative judges on the influential federal appeals courts at a clip not seen in decades.

With Obamacare Fight Lost, Conservatives Turn to Veterans’ Care

A conservative veterans group, founded and funded by the Koch brothers, is fighting to allow private health care to compete with Veterans Affairs hospitals.

In the Heart of ‘The Resistance,’ California Conservatives Are Invigorated

By JEREMY W. PETERS October 31, 2017 LOS ANGELES — California conservatives are feeling a strange sense of invigoration these days. Yes, they are vastly outnumbered, shouted off college campuses and scolded that their way of politics is an...

As G.O.P. Bends Toward Trump, Critics Either Give In or Give Up

President Trump has vocal critics, but the Republican Party is increasingly his own, with little room left for an older breed of internationalist conservative.

Immigration’s Sudden Re-Emergence Scrambles Republican Agenda

President Trump’s tentative deal with Democrats has elevated the one issue that most fiercely divides Republicans, threatening the party’s broader agenda.