Expect Environmental Battles to Be ‘Even More Significant’ in 2018

The Trump administration offered grand pronouncements about environmental deregulation in 2017. But this is the year to hammer out the details.

Under Trump, E.P.A. Has Slowed Actions Against Polluters, and Put Limits on Enforcement Officers

An analysis of enforcement data at the E.P.A. shows a substantial drop in activity against polluters when compared to the Obama and Bush administrations.

How The Times Compared E.P.A. Enforcement Across Three Administrations

Using information from a public database, the analysis covered activity during the first 266 days of E.P.A. leaders in the Trump, Obama and Bush administrations.

Exxon Will Pay $2.5 Million for Pollution at Gulf Coast Plants

In a settlement with the Justice Department and the E.P.A., the company also agreed to spend $300 million to upgrade technology at eight facilities.

Trump Wants to Repeal Obama’s Climate Plan. The Next Fight: Its Replacement.

Mr. Trump is intent on repealing the Clean Power Plan, the centerpiece of Mr. Obama’s environmental legacy. Failure to replace it could invite lawsuits and, eventually, tougher rules.

Volkswagen Executive Pleads Guilty in Diesel Emissions Case

The charges against Oliver Schmidt in federal court in Detroit arose from a company scheme to rig cars with devices that circumvented emissions tests.