Cat Declawing Ban in Denver Would Be a First Outside California

A City Council member there has proposed a bill that would ban declawing the animals, saying the procedure is painful and unnecessary.

Taking a Knee at Ann Arbor City Council, Far From N.F.L. Spotlight

Four council members in Michigan repeated a gesture that has ignited debate about patriotism and protest.

New Orleans Scrambles to Repair Drainage System After Severe Flooding

By KATY RECKDAHL August 11, 2017 NEW ORLEANS — With rain threatening, work crews scrambled on Friday to repair New Orleans’s pumping and drainage network in the hopes of preventing a repeat of last weekend, when flooding inundated many...

Maryland City May Let Noncitizens Vote, a Proposal With Precedent

By MAGGIE ASTOR August 9, 2017 As a federal commission searches for evidence of voter fraud and many states try to impose new voting restrictions, a city in Maryland may move in the opposite direction: allowing noncitizens to vote in local elections. In...