‘Porch Pirates’ Steal Holiday Packages as They Pile Up at Homes

Police say package theft is up during the holiday shopping crush, but homeowners and retailers are striking back with cameras and other technology.

Body Cameras Have Little Effect on Police Behavior, Study Says

By AMANDA RIPLEY and TIMOTHY WILLIAMS October 20, 2017 After a series of high-profile police shootings, police departments across the nation turned to body cameras, hoping they would curb abuses. But a rigorous study released Friday shows that they...

Woman Shot by Minneapolis Officer ‘Didn’t Have to Die,’ Police Chief Says

By JOHN ELIGON and MITCH SMITH July 20, 2017 MINNEAPOLIS — The mayor and the police chief of this city said on Thursday that Justine Damond, an unarmed Australian woman killed last weekend by a Minneapolis police officer, should not have been...

Australian Woman Is Fatally Shot by Minneapolis Police

By GERRY MULLANY July 16, 2017 An Australian woman was fatally shot overnight Saturday by Minneapolis police officers who did not have their body cameras turned on, officials said. The woman, Justine Damond, was shot as the officers were responding to her...

Jury Sees Body Camera Footage of Fatal Shooting by Police Officer

Dominique Heaggan-Brown was charged with reckless homicide in the August death of Sylville K. Smith in Milwaukee, a shooting that led to protests.