Despite Internal Review, Justice Department Officials Say Congress Needs to Act on Bump Stocks

The Justice Department is continuing to work on the issue of bump stocks, despite public and private misgivings of its own officials.

Justice Dept. Orders Review of Background Check System for Gun Buyers

Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, said that the mass shooting in Texas this month showed that “relevant information may not be getting reported” to the database.

Why the Push to Ban Rifle ‘Bump Stocks’ Has Hit a Bump in the Road

Gun conversion kits known as bump stocks were the talk of the Capitol a month ago after a mass shooting in Las Vegas. But the push to ban them has slowed. A hearing is set for next week.

Chicago Police and Federal Agents to Team Up on Gun Violence

By MITCH SMITH June 30, 2017 CHICAGO — As a candidate, Donald J. Trump frequently mentioned the shootings that claim hundreds of lives here each year. As a new president, he threatened on Twitter to “send in the Feds!” if the local...