Fact Check: Trump Embellishes the Truth in a Speech to the Thin Blue Line

Among other claims, President Trump inaccurately said the Obama administration “refused” to equip police with military gear with little reason.

Ferguson Drops Charges Against Man Cited in Justice Dept. Report

After five years, the city reversed course in its case against Fred Watson, a black man charged while sitting in his parked car. Here’s why it matters.

Ferguson Documentary Disputed as New Footage Is Released

By MITCH SMITH March 13, 2017 A documentary released over the weekend renewed tensions in Ferguson, Mo., by claiming the authorities withheld video that would have absolved Michael Brown of a robbery he was accused of committing minutes before being fatally...

Oxford Journal: At Ole Miss, a Liberal Agitator’s Education

Oxford Journal By RICHARD FAUSSET February 13, 2017 OXFORD, Miss. — Allen Coon, perhaps the most reviled student at the University of Mississippi, was walking to his public policy class at the Trent Lott Leadership Institute on a recent weekday...