Donna Brazile Reportedly Pondered Replacing Clinton With Biden in 2016

Ms. Brazile, a former interim head of the Democratic National Committee, said she considered the action after Hillary Clinton suffered a fainting spell, according to a published report.

A New Book Highlights Some Old Divisions Among Democrats

A disclosure in the book reignites the anger Bernie Sanders’s supporters felt in 2016. And it underlines the continuing divisions in the party over how to oppose President Trump.

Trump Says Justice Dept. and F.B.I. Must ‘Do What Is Right’ and Investigate Democrats

“Everybody is asking” why the agencies are not investigating “the dishonesty” tied to the 2016 election, the president says on Twitter.

Hillary Clinton Gets an Award and Tears are Shed

As the first anniversary of her loss to Donald Trump approaches, frustration and anger among her supporters seem more palpable.