The U.S. Fertility Rate Is Down, Yet More Women Are Mothers

The biggest increases have come from some groups who in the past were far less likely to have babies: the highly educated, those over 40, and women who have never been married.

Melania Trump Says She Aims to ‘Give a Voice’ to the Victims of Opioids

The first lady’s visit to a clinic in West Virginia is a signal that her interests — so far stated broadly as helping children and combating cyberbullying — have narrowed.

News Analysis: Gene Editing for ‘Designer Babies’? Highly Unlikely, Scientists Say

Fears that embryo modification could allow parents to custom order a baby with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s imagination or Usain Bolt’s speed are closer to science fiction than science.

A Tide of Opioid-Dependent Newborns Forces Doctors to Rethink Treatment

By CATHERINE SAINT LOUIS July 13, 2017 RICHMOND, Ky. — Just 24 hours old, Jay’la Cy’anne Clay already was having a rough day. Convulsions rocked her tiny body as she lay under warming lights in the nursery of the Baptist Health...

Babies From Skin Cells? Prospect Is Unsettling to Some Experts

By TAMAR LEWIN May 16, 2017 Nearly 40 years after the world was jolted by the birth of the first test-tube baby, a new revolution in reproductive technology is on the horizon — and it promises to be far more controversial than in vitro fertilization...