Latest Batch of J.F.K. Assassination Records Released

The government posts 13,000 more documents from its secret files as it works to finally make public all of its records stemming from the 1963 killing.

Secret C.I.A. Documents May Shed New Light on J.F.K. Killing

In response to an order by President Trump, the federal government releases another batch of papers related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Washington Memo: In J.F.K. Files, a Peek Back at an Era of Secrets and Intrigue

Documents released this week recall the Cold War context against which the assassination of John F. Kennedy generated suspicion that persists to this day.

A Secret Service Agent Remembers: ‘I Wish I Had Been Quicker’

Clint Hill, who climbed on Kennedy’s car in Dallas after shots were fired, was in Washington on Thursday as thousands of assassination documents were released.