Appeals Court Orders E.P.A. to Update Lead Paint Rules, Quickly

A federal panel told the agency to revise its standard for dangerous levels of lead in paint within a year.

Sidebar: Serving Extra Years in Prison, and the Courthouse Doors Are Closed

The Trump administration has said some inmates cannot challenge their unlawfully long prison sentences, reversing a long-held Justice Department position.

Appeals Court Partly Reinstates Trump’s New Travel Ban

A federal appeals court in San Francisco said a ban on entry from six countries could go into effect for people with no ties to the United States.

Trump Is on Pace to Reshape the Judiciary. Here’s How.

Republican lawyers and lawmakers are working together to install conservative judges on the influential federal appeals courts at a clip not seen in decades.

White House Announces Slate of 11 Judicial Nominees

The administration’s attention to judicial vacancies stands in contrast to its less vigorous efforts to fill empty positions in the executive branch.