On Washington: Election Rattles Congressional Republicans, and Their Agenda, While Buoying Democrats

Losses in Virginia and elsewhere are likely to spur a push for a tax overhaul that would endanger Republican incumbents in higher-tax states.

Bipartisan Health Bill Would Produce Modest Savings, Budget Office Projects

With the federal deficit at $666 billion a year, the $3.8 billion in savings that the Congressional Budget Office foresees with the passage of a new health bill is modest.

On Washington: Will Mitch McConnell Help His Friend Get a Health Care Deal?

Senator Lamar Alexander is going to need some help from Senator Mitch McConnell, a friend for nearly 50 years, if his health care compromise is to become law.

Trump Pulls Back From Senate Deal to Fund Health Subsidies

After voicing support, the president offered a different take on the plan, while its Republican architect predicted it would pass before the end of the year.

Fact Check: Calling Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments ‘a Bailout’ Is Misleading

President Trump has repeatedly called payments made to health insurers “a bailout” but they lower out-of-pocket costs for low-income people.

Republican Leaders Defy Bipartisan Opposition to Health Law Repeal

Senator Lamar Alexander gave up on his effort to shore up health care markets as his fellow Republicans pressured lawmakers to back the latest Affordable Care Act repeal.