Military Shifts Focus to Threats by Russia and China, Not Terrorism

The Pentagon says the military is too stretched to both fight insurgents and prepare for war with great world powers.

Niger Approves Armed U.S. Drone Flights, Expanding Pentagon’s Role in Africa

The Pentagon has received permission to put precision-guided bombs and missiles on drones in Niger. The drones would increase the military’s ability to go after extremists in West Africa.

Informant Earned $7 Million for Role in Benghazi Prosecution

American officials paid the informant after he helped build a case against Ahmed Abu Khattala, a suspect in the 2012 Benghazi attacks, and orchestrate his capture.

In Niger, Where U.S. Troops Died, a Lawless and Shifting Landscape

Militants and smugglers operate in the impoverished African country, where the scale of American military involvement has surprised even high-ranking senators.

Underwear Bomber Sues Over Treatment in Supermax Prison

The Nigerian man has sued over force-feeding and other treatment in federal prison, a case that resonates with the debate over hunger strikes at the Guantánamo Bay prison.