Trying to Defend President Trump’s Derision, Diplomatically

In embassies around the world, some of America’s diplomats are being dressed down by their host nations. Others are considering leaving their posts.

In Trump’s Immigration Remarks, Echoes of a Century-Old Racial Ranking

The president’s vulgar comments about certain countries harken back to complaints about “undesirable nationals” that led to severe restrictions in 1924.

Trump Alarms Lawmakers With Disparaging Words for Haiti and Africa

President Trump demanded to know at a White House meeting why he should accept immigrants from Haiti and African countries rather than people from places like Norway.

Calestous Juma, 64, Dies; Sought Innovation in African Agriculture

Professor Juma believed that science, particularly biotechnology, could play a major role in improving life in Africa.

Global Health: Nearly 21 Million Now Receiving AIDS Drugs, U.N. Agency Says

‘Remarkable progress’ has been made, Unaids said, but millions more worldwide require treatment. Young women are especially hard hit.

Niger Attack Lays Bare U.S. Troops’ Long Wait for Medical Help in Africa

The time frame for moving injured troops is much longer in Africa, where four were killed in an ambush last week, than in Iraq or Afghanistan, military officials said.