Document Fight Slows Inquiry of Affirmative Action at Harvard

The Trump administration, in a letter last week, threatened to sue the university to force it to turn over student and applicant records.

He Took On the Voting Rights Act and Won. Now He’s Taking On Harvard.

Edward Blum, who has orchestrated more than two dozen lawsuits challenging racial preference laws, is now fighting affirmative action in the Ivies.

What Colleges Want in an Applicant (Everything)

The admissions process is a maddening mishmash of competing objectives, and an attempt to measure the unmeasurable: you. No, it isn’t fair, and likely never will be.

When Affirmative Action Isn’t Enough

By DANA GOLDSTEIN September 17, 2017 How did Elvis Kahoro, the son of a truck driver and a retirement home aide in Kennesaw, Ga., end up attending Pomona College, an elite liberal arts school over 2,000 miles from his hometown? The total cost of tuition,...

Affirmative Action Policies Evolve, Achieving Their Own Diversity

By VIVIAN YEE August 5, 2017 Just a year ago, after the Supreme Court rejected a challenge to the University of Texas at Austin’s admissions program by a single swing vote, the question seemed to be edging, at last, toward an answer: Colleges could,...